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Delivering quality, affordable business-focused training courses for career and organisational development.

At SPS Training, we understand that high-quality and effective training is fundamental for both individuals seeking to advance their careers and businesses striving to ensure their staff are well equipped and informed. Offering a diverse range of training courses designed to address various needs, we pride ourselves on providing accessible and cost-effective solutions without ever sacrificing the calibre of our courses.

In the current climate, where legislation related to Health and Safety in the UK is frequently changing, we stand at the forefront to ensure your business remains in compliance with the latest regulations. With consequences of non-compliance ranging from severe fines to possible imprisonment, we ensure you're equipped to avoid these ramifications. Our First Aid and AED training courses ensure you are meeting the legal requirement to have qualified staff on site. In fact, our AED training is more vital than ever with the rising likelihood of laws soon requiring defibrillators in workplaces.

We are also conscious of your staff's physical wellbeing. Thus, we provide Safe Moving and Handling Training to lower the risk of workplace injuries. Additionally, our Conflict Management and Fire Marshal Training courses work to ensure a secure and safe working environment.

SPS Training aims to create an ecosystem where the individuals and businesses we train not only understand and comply with the relevant legal requirements but also, most importantly, contribute towards creating safer workplaces. Our practical and relevant courses are geared towards providing you with peace of mind while empowering your business to excel. Choose SPS Training – for a safer, smarter future.

FAQs on SPS Training Services and Courses

What kind of training courses does SPS Training offer?

SPS Training offers a wide range of courses including Health and Safety Training, First Aid Training, AED Training, Safe Moving and Handling Training, Conflict Management Training, and Fire Marshal Training.

Who can take SPS Training courses?

Whether you’re an individual looking to progress in your career or a business that needs training for staff, SPS Training can accommodate your needs. Their courses are especially suitable for customer-facing roles, service providers, and employers needing to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

How can I find more information or sign up for a course?

For more detailed information about our training courses or to sign up, please click the Read More link at the bottom of each course description on our website.

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